DNS Trafalgar

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DNS Jutland
Affiliation: VISN's Port Potato
Homeport: Port Potato
Builder: DeDerpyDerp_
Constructed: (11/16/2021)
Commissioned: (11/23/2021)
Battles: N/A
General Characteristics
Ship Type: Galleon
Class: DNS Trafalgar Class
Cannons: 48 Cannons
Purpose: Heavily Armed Warship


Being Built

The DNS Trafalgar was a very heavily armed warship, and her half sister, the DNS Jutland, was an even heavier upgunned ship. The DNS Jutland is a custom design, literally a rip off of the Trafalgars, but just barely better. She will be the flagship of DeDerpyDerp_, and Port Potato. She was finished mere minutes after her half sister, the DNS Trafalgar.


  • soon to be commissioned to be the new flagship of Port Potato's fleet*

NOTE: She has switched from VEN (VISN's Naval Prefix) to DNS, Port Potato's Naval Prefix.

The first time VEN Trafalgar and VEN Jutland where seaworthy, and where together.
The VEN Jutland (right), under construction, catching up to her half sister