VEN Trafalgar

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VEN Trafalgar
Affiliation: VISN's Port Potato
Homeport: Port Potato
Builder: DeDerpyDerp_
Constructed: (11/9/2021)
Commissioned: (11/23/2021)
Battles: N/A
General Characteristics
Ship Type: Galleon
Class: VEN Trafalgar Class
Cannons: 32
Purpose: Heavily Armed Warship


Being Built

"The VEN Trafalgar class is a 5th rate Ship of the Line, being a stolen and modified design based on a different barrowed and modified design, (all allowed from the original designer of the original design that got ripped off twice, PIPPIP5789. ) Much was added from the originally 20 cannon ship, to now have 30 cannons. Sadly, as she was being built on Survival, she had to many blocks before even the cannons or sails where done. So after many cut corners, she currently as of 11/9/2021 she has a 15 cannon broadside, so 30 cannons total (no chasers or saluting guns), and at 1267 blocks (done via calculations as she only has 4.34% of 15% required wool.) More calculations show she would be around 1458 blocks with just the needed wool, so plans show her to be the around 1500-1550 blocks, leaving 100 extra to readd. Overall she was almost scrapped in drydock at Port Potato due to the block limitations, but sheer boredom- willpower* will lead her to completion." - DeDerpyDerp_


  • yet to be commissioned, planed to be the new flagship of Port Potato's fleet*
The VEN Trafalgar in drydock, still under construction. DeDerpyDerp_ at the bow
The VEN Trafalgar in Port Potato's drydock, awaiting final touches and her madden voyage.