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Overview[edit | edit source]

KingRS, alias ToxicKingRS or OfficialRS, is currently a leader of the Verussian Republic. He was previously the Emperor of the Polynesian Empire, and Verussian Empire. Both of which disbanded eventually.

Background[edit | edit source]

KingRS grew up on an island apart of an archipelago called Meriyenerah. It was known to the local indigenous people as a new nation controlled by the Polynesian Empire. The dream of a nation for the Polynesian people soon crumbled after the late capital city; South Verussi was submerged into a gruesome war with the infamous pirate crew, 0utlaws. The war brought the people’s first sight of cannons and desolated whatever hope they had in gaining statehood.

But then the newly formed government consisting of the current leaders ToxicKingRS and WilsonManzer signed a declaration forming their empire instead of a nation. This empire was the Verussian Empire or VE.

However, the little territories that they controlled were littered with explosives and holes digging miles from the surface caused by artillery fire. So their king set off on a voyage to conquer new lands, and soon discovered ‘North Verussi’ east of port Lacomus controlled by the British Empire.

Progress on the island was swift and within weeks the new island settlers had built houses and farms and the population was ever growing -until the island was transformed into a scene of a massacre. Believing that the settlers had stolen goods from them, The British Empire unofficially launched an invasion against the island. The houses were besieged, the people were murdered and the land was once against destroyed (that was not the fault of the British). After the attack goods were returned but the king came under high criticism as the people were anxious of living so close to a British port and feared another attack.

Then the Verussians once again set off and discovered their new home land; Verussia. They arrived to discover the ancient Elven city of Vivenheim was in a state of abandonment so they had claimed it and started a rebuild project for the town with WilsonManzer taking command on that front.

ToxicKingRS and his followers walked thousands of miles through vast arid deserts until they found the rich fertile lands north of the continent in which they decided the colonize and build their capital city; Pallivadia.

With a relatively stable nation they set upon improving international relations after decades of war on distrust, it was then when they found their greatest allies; Entaria, led by InventorJohn and the New Roman Republic led by Buckmaster1993 and ChaseDillion. Together they formed the Federated Nations Alliance or FNA which dedicate themselves to peace but are finding this policy ever so difficult within a world that lacks peace.

Today Verussia is ever growing and has planned two new exotic cities to add to this prosperous nation; San Fernandez and El Maritia.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Verussian Wars

Both Verussian Wars occurred under KingRS' rule in the Verussian Empire. While he isn't the only one to blame for the wars, he was still a major part of them. After the Second Verussian War, KingRS resigned to WilsonManzer.

Crew History[edit | edit source]