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Overview[edit | edit source]

InventorJohn, alias JohnArchaius, is a veteran player on Piratecraft who is known for his ambitious, large-scale projects for his crew(s).

He is currently the main leader of Entaria.

Background[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about InventorJohn's parents of childhood, other than that he always enjoyed building machines, and attended one of the top schools to further his interests. Unfortunately, many of his machines blew up during development or testing.

At some point, InventorJohn used his machines and fortunes to build up the Entarian Alliance. He started construction of a giant underground city with training facilities for his crew members.

In January 2016, he proposed plans in the Federated Nations Alliance of a superweapon capable of firing giant projectiles hundreds of meters away. This weapon would take the form of several towers dotted around the world and linked up with each other. However, the towers would require an immense amount of TNT and gunpowder to function. John proposed additional creeper-grinders in order to generate the amount of gunpowder needed. In theory the weapon worked, but in practice it needed too many resources to function, and a lot of maintenance.

The League of Nations was unaware of the issues regarding his superweapon, and believed that construction had already begun. In response, the Elven Empire and Xenon Empire developed and built their own superweapons. John had so to speak started a mini arms race between the Federated Nations Alliance and League of Nations.

In early summer 2016, he disbanded the Entarian Alliance and joined the Elven Empire. After a month or so, he left and created Entaria. A new version of his former crew.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]


It can be argued that InventorJohn belongs to one of the most ambitious builders and inventors across Piratecraft. More than a few times he has suggested huge, large scale buildings and machines. Unfortunately, most of them have yet to materialize from rough prototypes.

Theorized Super Weapon == Entarian Orbital Bombardment System[edit | edit source]

Crew History[edit | edit source]