House Indoril

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House Indoril
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Founded: December 2018

Ranks and Organization[edit | edit source]

The Dunmeri People are divided into Houses which are each lead by Lords Houses may have a specialized area they excell in.

Dunmer Great House membership is largely a matter of birth and marriage, but Imperial colonists may also become retainers of a Great House, or may be adopted into a Great House. Initially an outlander may gain status in a house as an oath-bonded hireling, pledging exclusive loyalty to a single house and forsaking ambitions with all other houses. Later, after faithful service and advancement in lower ranks, an outlander may seek adoption into a Great House. Adoption and advancement to higher ranks in a Great House requires that a Great House councilor stand as sponsor for the candidate's character and loyalty. Finding a councilor to sponsor an outlander often involves performing a great service for the prospective sponsor and the Great House in question.

Great House Indoril

  • House Indoril- is one of the Great Houses of the Dunmer. It governs the Dunmer Empire from the historic capital city of Mournhold. The Indoril are supporters of the Tribunal Temple and Temple authority, and have always held prominent positions within the Temple hierarchy. Throughout history, the fates of House Indoril and the Temple have been closely linked.

Great House Dres

  • House Dres- is one of the Great Houses of the Dunmer. It is an agrarian agricultural society, and its large saltrice plantations rely completely on slave labor for their economic viability. Always firm Temple supporters, House Dres is hostile to other religions, and in particular opposed to any attempts to limit the institution of slavery.

House Redoran

  • House Redoran- the main focus of House Redoran is maintaining the traditions of the settled Dunmer and, more specifically, the way of the warrior.

House Telvanni

  • House Telvanni- The wizard-lords of House Telvanni have traditionally isolated themselves, pursuing wisdom and mastery in solitude. The house comprises mainly highly egocentric and ambitious redstone-mages, and is known to many as the house of the master wizards.

Great House Hlaalu

  • House Hlaalu- though concidered a Great House of the Dunmer is not part of the Grand Council of the Dunmer people due to accepting outlanders, which doesnt sit well with the other occasionally xenophobic Houses. Great House Hlaalu is adaptable and opportunistic, any morals they might have come second to business.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Most Dunmer worship The Tribunal but all religions are accepted within the Houses.

History[edit | edit source]

21. Dec. 2018 Foundation

22. Dec. 2018 Construction starts on the capital city Mournhold

12. April 2019 Construction on the capital city of Mournhold is completed

01. July 2019 As more and more Dunmer settle in Valgard, it is declared the new capital of House Indoril.

Notable Dunmer[edit | edit source]

Dagersh ~ The lord of the Tribunal and king of all Dunmer.

Elo106 ~ Mage of the Tribunal and Lord of House Indoril.

BassQueen808 ~ The Mercyfull Queen of the Tribunal and Lady of House Dres.

Pashjn ~ Grand Architect

PrncessMinealot ~ Saint Minealot

Notable Dunmer Settlements[edit | edit source]



Ald Ruhn

Red Mountain

Gryffins Haven