Grand Union of Colrainist States

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November 10th was the date of creation from which the Grand Union of Colrainist states became reality. It had been discussed several days before, and after much debate on the problems that would come with it but the dreams that could come true with it, it was settled that it had to be done.

The chosen location was set on what used to be the old Colrainist capital, the surrounding landscape is purely gorgeous and the hills and jungle make it the optimal location for building the type of structure we had planned. There were a few surrounding bases, but it was mostly nature.

The current groups that have merged into GUCS are as follows in chronological order: CRS, TIV and TX. We hope to get PL and VER to join as well, but discussion with the leaders awaits. Several Verussian leaders have agreed to do so if all others agree, and a couple PL personnel think it's a grand idea, but the final decision awaits a proper meeting.

The way the government was planned to work is quite like the current U.S. government, however, much has changed since then. And for now the governing plans for the future cannot be shared.

When any member is first recruited into the system, they get to choose what province they enter. They must enter one to start with, and if they gain a couple followers who will fallow them in their province, and they are a high rank within the province they have chosen, they are allowed to start their own province.


Members (Members with titles are listed):

  • BlackberryShade (Architect)
  • Birdieman_11 (Revolutionary)
  • Epicminer9138 (Newcomer)
  • Wei_XingV2 (T.I.V. Builder)
  • MRcatlove (T.I.V. Woodcutter)
  • Kjl3080 (Exalted Labourer)
  • Powman99 (T.I.V. Newcomer)