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First Joined in early/mid 2014, started by immediately joining and building a ship - A bad one at that. His ship was raided by leonaptoricks while passing him, but ended up befriending Leon. His main home stayed inside Leon’s base just outside the cove, living as his friend and wingman for about 6 months. He then went on to help found Verrusia. It started with the transport of a ship turning into (Current Name) ToxicKingRS and him meeting and forming the start of the Polynesian Empire on a small island. He later went on to own one of the first Indiamans, The Reaper’s Pearl, before indiamans were released into handbooks and guides (had to contact GodsDead to know what to do about the ship that was bigger than a man-o-war that we built. That ship was around 4,500+ Blocks. It was later sunk the next day by HardTimez, which helped spark war being declared on BE and EE by Verrusia. This war led to the current Verrusian capital at that time to be blown up until there was literally not a single block remaining. After this zackbacon and the remaining VER members started a new. Sadly Zackbacon was muted and banned several times for many different reasons, but then got his ban appeal approved in late 2016. Zackbacon then returned to find the leftovers of the rises and falls of Verrusia and with (currently named) ToxicKingRS and ProWil started to rebuild more, but due to GodsDead and other staff member’s having extreme distrust in him, he chose to leave until he felt right. This led to him quitting Minecraft in total, until just recently on 8/23/18 He returned to find Verrusia similar to the way it was when he left and is now trying to help bring Verrusia back to what it once was as the Co-Founder/Admiral. I consider myself to be one of the more we’ll know veterans of this server, and enjoy telling stories about wars, cities, and many other things from years ago in PirateCraft’s History. I am now beginning to become quite active and hope that the staff can and rest of the PirateCraft Community can accept me once again, and can put my past mistakes on the server that caused the original tension in the first place behind us.

Written By: Zackbacon