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President_B has been a player on PirateCraft since February 3, 2018.

He has been in a few crews, first in a pirate crew led by FlamingSquid345, then another crew led by uarehere. After a while, President_B has formed the crew called French Republic in late November 2018, where he was the leader there until early December 2019 when he quit his crew and joined ROME due to not building the city of Paris up to the way he wanted it to and for being inactive. Here, he stayed in ROME and became one of the leaders until he decided to quit and join ISEN in early April 2020 with some others such as Arielabella and Minepixe. In late April 2020, he joined ASN and wanted to become leader. After a few weeks, he decided he wanted to create his own crew called "Labor Force" which would be the next deckhand crew on PirateCraft with the help of CommanderBCollie. But this crew did not get created.

President_B quit PirateCraft in late May or very early June of 2020. He wanted to do this because PirateCraft was addicting for him and it was interfering with his personal life. So he asked to get banned and with the help of Emiel, he managed to get banned for a year and possibly return.

However, he came back to PirateCraft in mid-June of 2020 since he missed PirateCraft and others convinced him to rejoin the server. He "crew hopped" different crews and remains in SPQR. He is thinking about actually quitting PirateCraft this time because PirateCraft is going to switch to Minecraft Version 1.13-1.15. He despises these updates since he believes it's not the "real Minecraft" anymore and it will cause some issues on the server. This is to protest against switching Minecraft versions.