Scurvy Dogs

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Scurvy Dogs
Dawgs Banner.png
King: YoloICN
Lord: Cthulhu_Fhtagn
Supreme General: SpiderCartoons
Ambassador: cooperbrown9999
Active Members: 14
Total Members: 32
Founded: July 17 2018
Structure: Colrainism
Allies: Royal, TRT, KON, ASN, DEK, trj, PL, Isen, USE, VER, PLANT, PALN, BBM, 777, EM, PFO, S0D, RR, XD, FUN, BKH, Vici, US, BE, LE, CRS, TKB, PK, k2s, IRON, TLC, leg, YETI, tx, West, Magra, TH
Enemies: SHREK

Scurvy Dogs (Dawgs) is currently an active Colrainism crew. Founded in July, 2018, the crew has came far from where it began. The crew leader YoloICN risked everything he had to create what he had been dreaming of for a long time. For weeks he was sieged countless amounts of times, though that didn't stop him.

4 months later, the crew had achieved 32 members including 4 leaders. The crew was situated on the southern border, near the TAS Sea and has claimed a desert of their own. This area is now called "Cannon Castle". If you are interested in joining the crew yourself contact of the many leaders in-game.