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Don: Don RoMich
Caporegime: SpiderDeluxe
Caporegime: SirSharky
Caporegime: sarisinqatil
Founded: January 1st 2018
Structure: Mafia
Character: Somewhat Aggressive
Allies: XD, TAS, HI, XENIA, REE, CLTN and RoP
Treaties: Deckie Island neutrality agreement

An Italian Mafia style crew that rebelled against the Juice Pirates and went their own way. “If you don’t respect us you will become a concrete pillar”.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

2018[edit | edit source]
  • 1st January 2018: SirSharky and RoMich02 rebel from Juice Pirates and create CSN for "jokes"
  • CSN starts rapidly growing after the recruitment of youtuber fra267
  • 19th March: SE (SpiderDeluxe's crew) merged with CSN
  • May-June: Buco (fra267's town) gets destroyed by a traitor, which also ended up causing damage to Diana
  • 6th August: The capital, 'New Diana' finished construction after 2 years of hard work
  • 21st August: Rodi, a town for new recruits, also completed construction
  • August: BOTM Rodi gets 1st place and Morandi Bridge at 5th place
  • 23rd October: CSN starts asking for pizzo from players
  • 2 November: CSN stats the project CSN Imperial Fleet.
  • 25 December: CSN starts adding icons on livemap.
2019[edit | edit source]
  • 10 January: CSN have created their own ship class called: Type Berlusconi.
  • 13 february: SpiderDeluxe decided to quit CSN.
  • 28 february: CSN is allied with TAS
  • 27 March: Good Bois Gang is founded.
  • 6 April: StasKingKrol futhure leader joins CSN.
  • June: Cracov the first non-italian CSN's city is founded.
  • July: StasKingKrol gets promoted to leader.
  • August- Present: CSN's golden age.

September 2019 Romich called the italian army to fight all Piratecraft players. November 2019 CSN Vs DD (maybe new Good boi gang era?)

Laws[edit | edit source]

  • Known Italian players who do not join CSN will be considered backstabbers, and will be executed.
  • Always respect RoMich and other leaders, anyone who doesn't will be executed.
  • For creating a base you need to be carpenter rank, non-allowed bases will be destroyed.
  • To create a CSN settlement, you must be gunner rank, non-approved settlements will get destroyed by Italian fury.
  • Teleporting players who aren't in CSN into RoMich's base and farms will be marked as a traitor and will be executed.
  • Crew members who live in public towns work for free.
  • All decisions taken by Corleone and Leaders can't be disputed by normal crew members, crew members who try to revolt against CSN will be executed.
  • All crew members must have a discount in internal trades.
  • Crew bank can be used by Corleone members and money taken out must be returned after 2 weeks with 10% interest.
  • RoMich is the only person who can ask for pizzo from people, anyone else who asks executed.

With normal laws you must use common sense and mafia sense. We accept non-Italian members only if they don't eat pineapple pizza and they know Bella Ciao by heart.

  • We don't accept racist comments in our crew.
  • We don't accept face reveals.
  • We don't accept frozen pizza (Every time you eat it, RoMich will cry).
  • We don't accept (all) peace treaties.

Pizzo Tax[edit | edit source]

Non aggression pay, per week:

  • Cadet: £10
  • Sailor: £40
  • Carpenter: £50
  • Gunner: £75
  • Boatswain: £100
  • Firstmate: £125
  • Quartermaster: A Qmaster who pay for the pizzo tax?!
  • Lieutenant+: 150
  • Commander+: £150
  • Captain+: 150

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Meda (sarisinqatil's town)
  • Michgrad (RoMich02's town)
  • Pomegranate (Emilio's town)
  • Wip (Alevik's town)
  • Fiume (SpiderDeluxe's town)
  • Deathstar (Framment0 & Flowers95's base)
  • Project Java - Creating every type of farm possible inside linked boxes (Done)
  • Project CSN imperial flee (Making 10 copys of Berlusconi+Other war ships).
  • Project CSN imperial port (Emilio & RoMich islands)

Ship Battle History[edit | edit source]

CSN punishments[edit | edit source]

In may 2018 CSN has started sopressing rebels the first rebel was Magmagolem because he attacked CSN towns and killed him members after 1 week of fights he surrender and left the server for some weeks The second rebel were sharky who presented to be payed for his services this rebellion caused a general rebellion resolved by CSN leaders with ha big untrust for 3days after that they started working. The last reveling on may is biscotto one who decided the leave CSN and declaring us war CSN destroyed his town after 2 hours of sieges and backstavbs from their town abtantes special thanks to Alevik the day after they surrendered. Another little decky rebellion has been in summer but after 1 attack they surrender.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

CSN's main headquarters located in the South West Ocean CSN's main port located near ship battle arena Emilioscauro's town called Pomegranate Alevik's town called Wip

CSN's main headquarters in 2022.