Cat Town

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Cat Town
Cat Town.png
Cat Town December 2018
Affiliations: Isengard
Founders: sgbyellow and MABturquoise
Mayor: Mr. Villager
Founded: March 2018
Population: 2
Location: East
Coordinates: 8210, 1240

Cat Town is an Isengard province located in the East Ocean and is run by sgbyellow and MABturquoise. The town is relatively isolated in comparison to most other settlements, and requires a long journey by dhow to arrive at its shore. The town also has a harbor for ships as well as a castle.

History[edit | edit source]

Cat Town all started with sgbyellow, he always wanted to make a town. So, his father MABturquoise went out to find a safe place to build cat town. While he was searching he stumbled across an island in the East far away from warps (that would make it hard to get to), so he claimed this island as the island of Cat Town! sgbyellow had to do some flattening to get his base on flat ground, and afterwards he added a harbor and Cat Town itself. By then, lots of people had noticed the new town, but nobody dared to go out and attack it because it was so far away from all the warps. The duo then showed a good friend Peppykiss395 around the town, and inside a deserted village, a one surviving villager is crowned the mayor of Cat Town.

After a few houses were up, Mab said, “SON YOU NEED TO BUILD A WALL AROUND CAT TOWN BEFORE YOU GET RAIDED". So sturdy stone walls were built, and with the help of Harry_Potter1212, a Portcullis Gate was built at the entrance. Me pep and harry go back a long way but that's a story for another time. So, around this time some raiders came and made this type of cannon that can shoot trough walls, so that’s how they killed us and won the siege... but they got nothing as we were smart and locked our chests!

Well, that's really it except the mayor has a wife now named Jerry.

We wish to thank Peppykiss395 for all the help in setting up this page.

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