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iOdiwanKenobi was a well known player who roam around the world in mid to late 2016. Loved by a few, hated by some, but known by all, Odi left his mark on the server before being banned in December 2016.

He is most known for his 'box base', that was subsequently blown up in a server mini-event, as well as his rich crew history. Despite his general unpopularity, he managed to become the 10th most liked person on the forums.


iOdiwanKenobi was born as the first son of a sheep farmer. During his younger years he suffered an identity crisis, but being around sheep led him to finally identify himself as one.

He kept his identity a secret from his parents. However, one stormy night his father discovered him covered in wool, eating sheep food, and flirting to nearby sheep.

His father was deeply disappointed in him, and subsequently turned his son into an attraction for tourists. From far away lands, people turned up to see the 'sheep boy'. They threw sticks and stones at him, and every night he would cry himself to sleep.

He managed to recover somewhat, and started searching for a new crew to call his home. He soon started building his infamous 'brick box', an eyesore to many. It was subsequently blown up in a server mini-event with many cannons and many stacks of TNT.

He eventually created his own crew; the Air Conditioners. After a few months however, it faded away. Soon after Odi was banned after receiving several warnings, mutes, and kicks.

Additional Notes

The stick incident

From an interview by a local magazine during his sheep phase:

"I was born in a barn
People threw sticks at me
I cried every time"

Just 4 days later, he was arrested and found guilty of abusing a stick. He was sentenced to 30 days work in a stick hospice.

The Jar of Tears

Shortly after he left his father's barn, a jar of tears, presumed to be from Odi, was sold on the black market to Maximus_Terragon. Other artefacts were also sighted, including some of Odi's wool, his sword, and his favourite pair of boots. Their current whereabouts are yet to be located.

The son

Apparently, he had a son named LukieSkywalker. He identified as a regular human, at least that's all we know. There are rumours that he too is being sold on the black market.

Crew History

We know Odi was in a number of crews, but I can't remember the exact names or amount, so I'll have a stab in the dark with this. Deep breath...