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The Verner Expedition was a fairly new crew created in may 2016 from the ruins of the WHTCO (woodhold western trading company) which lies in ruins. The Verner Expedition is a small new nation that lies in the Solomon archipelago created and lead by to this day bcbcommish.

It's leader bcbcommish founded this nation when he lived on an island (later to be known as vern) for some time. This island grew and so did it's support. Crew members joined while it was still new but left later on to join larger nations and crews. now the main Island is the capital of the nation and the nation has four allies: British Empire, Elven Empire, Ender, and Thirteen Colonies.

Old Capital Destroyed[edit | edit source]

After a long 3 months of inactivity, the nations leader, bcbcommish, comes back to a destroyed and desolate homeland, on September 7th 2016, a new homeland is found and is currently being worked on to restore the nation to its former glory.

As of October 10th 2016- the old capital has been restored from the ashes of a empire known as the Woodhold Western Trade CO. in the balresk harbor, The city itself has been renamed to New Vern.

Government[edit | edit source]

The government is ruled by a Governor which acts as monarch, the monarch is and will always be bcbcommish, the parliament consists of head of security, head of commerce, head of settlement layout (settlement creator) and the Grand Admiral of the navy.

                                                                                                System of hierarchy   
                                                                                                     /       \
                                                                -----------------------------Parliament     Grand Admiral
                                                                /                                               \
                                                              Noble                                             Admiral
                                                               /                                                 \
                                                            Knight                                              Captain
                                                            /                                                      \
                                                           Veteran                                                1st,2nd Officers
                                                          /                                                           \
                                                        Citizen                                                   Crewman,Midshipman

Structure of the Verner Navy[edit | edit source]

[HC] = High Command

  • Crewman- enlisted (barely any-no training whatsoever)
  • Midshipman(Cadet+)- Officer in training, Glorified crewman
  • 2nd, officer (sailor+)- officer that has recently been promoted or has passed OSEP (Officer Selection and evaluation preparation)
  • 1st officer (carpenter+)- officer that has been in service and has had extensive experience while at sea
  • Captain (gunner+)[HC]- a recently promoted 1st officer who has been selected to uphold this rank
  • Admiral (Boatswain+)- a position given to those selected by other admirals, grand admiral, and/or the Governor himself.
  • Grand Admiral (boatswain+)- A position given by the Governor Himself,(he will send either in mail, or private message)

Shares from Sales of goods/raids/skirmishes

  • crewman 5%
  • midshipman 10%
  • 2nd officer 15%
  • 1st officer 20%
  • captain 35%
  • Admiral 40%
  • Grand Admiral 50%
  • leftovers as payment to bcbcommish

Crew Salaries (Weekly)

  • Crewman 7$
  • Midshipman 14$
  • 2nd officer 28$
  • 1st officer 42$
  • Captain 70$
  • Admiral 105$
  • Grand Admiral 175$

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

  • Allies:
  • At war:

Current Doctrines/Plans[edit | edit source]


Dark Ages[edit | edit source]

The dark ages began on December 4th when the nation is crumbling from the inside out, the town of new vern is undergoing construction and improvements but all has been halted due to a strange and confusing time frame this is.

Economy[edit | edit source]

The main economy of the nation is dark oak/spruce ships, wool, golden mead, logs, and chorus fruit.

Doctrines and meanings[edit | edit source]

  • HOMELAND DOCTRINE- when active, no other crew,personal,or ship shall be near our territorial boundaries unless given permission by Governor of if ally of the nation.
  • ENCLOSURE PLAN- When active, no one is allowed to go anywhere near the city or territories by any means (allies to a certain extent)

History[edit | edit source]

  • May 2016- Crew is formed
  • August 2016- moved to Woodhold, renamed New Vern
  • September-December 2016- ISOLATION
  • December 3rd Reform, now Verneric Sovereign
  • December 4th-, Dark Ages