Whiskey Peak

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Live-map view of Whiskey Peak May 2016
Live-map view of Whiskey Peak December 2018

Upon exploring the vast lands of PirateMC , Bazurka had come upon an abandoned smuggler's cove for spirits and other goods. Barrels and chests where still present but looted and left behind. The unique location; sea access, the protection of a huge bolder above and the close proximity to Canada, Venice and Fort Fang sparked the idea of a new port for the British Empire.
The initial building launch was a whirlwind of construction done by several crew members. Each transformed their own ideas into numerous buildings and added shops as they went. This busy activity led to the transfer of /crew home to Whiskey Peak, especially as the original HQ -now Venice- was being decommissioned.

The port of Whiskey Peak consists of multiple shops from many of the active crew members, including but not limited to: gildor_stinky, Lawzoneon, AdmiralTrench, build1115, DakotaReef and Bazurka.
The port is under constant construction to improve defenses and add more shops and utilities.

Located in the Chittenden-Parrot Sea, the Port is split into two sections, one section of shops and businesses, claimed by Bazurka, and a lower section specialized in the selling and production of ships. The northern section , owned by build1115, is the naval base of the Western Hemisphere Fleet. Future plans include making a dry dock and building a fort. The fort will consists of two separate batteries, one aimed towards the shipyard and the other aimed towards the ocean.
update (Feb2017) - The inside dock has been completed and is awaiting shipwrights to assemble more ships for the BE navy.
Also a villager trading hub has been established , new villagers of all types will be continuously refreshed.

  • If you are interested in setting up your own shop, and helping the British Empire economy, then contact Bazurka in-game for more information (rent for outside stalls or sheds is free)
  • If you are interested in buying custom built ships, or registering to sail, build, or supply for these ships, contact build1115 in-game for more information.

Follow this link to open Whiskey Peak in the piratemc live map