Money & Economy

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Spending money

You can spend your money at any of the many shops that currently exist on the server. Such shops include:

It is also possible for players to buy sunshine, rain, day and night at the cove, in the deed office/GodsDead's office.

Making money

There are several ways that a player can make money. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Selling things at one of the many server shops (see the list above)
  • Buying/renting a server shop from a town or /warp shops.
  • The /vote command allows players to win potential sums of cash every day.
  • Playing the /lottery allows players to win potentially hefty sums buy paying £10 per tickets for up to 3 tickets.
  • Players can sell logs at /warp cove for a consistent amount of money.
  • You can offer your goods in the chat to any pirate. One can trade items at the pvp-free /warp cove (make sure you get paid first before handing over the goodies).