Chittenden-Parrot Sea

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The Chittenden-Parrot Sea 12/6/18

The Chittenden-Parrot Sea is a large body of water that is a region of the far northern side of the South West Ocean. It is fairly cut off from the rest of the ocean, with only a small area connecting the two. The Chittenden-Parrot Sea is also connected to the North Sea with a series of canals.

The Chittenden-Parrot Sea is home to many large settlements like the Parrot Lovers, Port Gletscher, and Whiskey Peak, as well as some small TNRR outposts and a man-made harbor connecting to the Province of Canada. Farther north juts out Red Mountain and the Chittenden State, which is where the sea got its name. The sea's most northern border houses Old Tempest Town and the British port town of Vendigroth.