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Fort Florence 16-02-2020.PNG
Florence as of February 16th 2020
Florence as of Dec 17 2018.png
Florence in December 17th 2018
Flag of Fort Florence
Crew Affiliations: Republic of Promethea
Governor: Lego
Founded: 29/06/2018
Population: 5
Location: East, South Ocean
Coordinates: 4909, 64, 1839

Florence is an inland, state of the art, fortified settlement owned by Lego, and is owned by the Republic of Promethea.

It consists of a small settlement and a grand mansion which sits nestled inside it's steep and aesthetic perimeter wall, with each corner of the wall set with a large, ice crystals cut from the Polaric Sea which are kept cool via the 12 beacons which climate control the desert settlement to comfortable temperatures.

Along with Lego and other inhabitants, it is also a safe haven for the breeding population of native desert rabbits, and their feral chicken fowl counterparts, which roam the grounds undisturbed.

Architecture[edit | edit source]

Security[edit | edit source]

The security of Florence is a major concern for its inhabitants as it contains untold riches. The main asset in this security is the 23 block high wall which helps to prevent intruders from getting over the wall in the first place.

The claim which is laid over it extends over 20 blocks from its walls, adding to its security by deterring ways of getting over the wall, such as via a pole.

If they however do, then there is a panic room for the inhabitants in the mansion which when engaged is near impossible to unlock, which is equipped with a note block alarm, for those who are under attack to wait out in.

There is also plans to add more ways of securing the premises, which will blanket the entire fortification with it.