South Ocean

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Labeled map with all the seas and oceans
Ocean 14, "South Ocean" close up

The South Ocean is the main, major body of water extending the whole way down south in the South region of the PirateCraft map. It is also often referred to as Iborian Sea or the Juice Sea, due to both of those crews having large influence in its waters. It is relatively easy to navigate, with islands often having large expanses of water between islands. Due to its close proximity to The Cove however, many of them have already been colonised and claimed.

Where most Juice Pirate influence ends, the Mango Bastion has a large wall which has cordoned off and limited access south on a straight course southwards, however, gaps in the eastern parts of wall allow those who are navigating the ocean to continue down to its more southern reaches, where the Plant Peninsula can be found and continuing further down and east- Jamaica can be found.

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Seas/Regions of the South Ocean[edit | edit source]

Noteable Bases[edit | edit source]