Republic of Promethea

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Republic of Promethea
RoP Banner.png
The banner of RoP
Leader: GONK
Foreign Affairs: khaiethan
Deputy: Coldat
Deputy: Creeprr
Retired Deputy: Yee453
Founded: December 24, 2019
Structure: Republic
Character: Peaceful, sometimes Passive Aggressive

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Promethea (RoP) is a well respected crew among the PirateCraft community. The crew promotes peace through democracy and is allied with most of the server. The crew was founded by Lego on December 24th, 2019. RoP has had many influential players pass through it's ranks, including: Coldat, Creeprr, Yee453, DirectorAnivian, TimHuisman, PirateCraft, Palmerageddon, JavaInvader, Vapecloudbear, Smokeyriver, Rivvur, Markusi13 and Lawzoneon. The crew has amassed a considerable amount of wealth and prominent players over the time it's been involved with diplomacy on the server. The repertoire of RoP includes many territories, ships, and subs among it's members.

Territories[edit | edit source]