The First Battle of Port Potato

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The First Battle of Port Potato

AQUA & Sonu06 Declares war on the EA

During a time of an unsettling peace of the East, a new threat arose from the West. Sonu06 and AQUA, a self-proclaimed raiding crew, began taunting ESE leadership and began threatening EA Federation with war, which did not fade any of the EA leadership. Many of these taunts included empty threats, irrelevant screenshots and claiming EA leadership was weak. Eventually, on July 2nd, 2020, Sonu06 finally declared war on the ESE and in turn, brought the entirety of the EA into war against AQUA. Due to this news, the EA called upon the aid of RoP to act as a deterrent and tank manpower if the situation needed. Other crews vowed support along with BE and DeathJackal.

The First Battle of Port Potato

Once the EA found itself with sufficient aid in case of an unlucky and devastating loss, a force of ESE and VER forces marched to the easternmost territory, Port Potato, run by DeDerpyDerp. The siege of the Port was short and swift. No EA casualties were recorded but devastating losses to AQUA, including one of the warships that was docked at the port as well as DeDerpyDerp himself. Upon AQUA reinforcements arriving, Lego of RoP was called. Unfortunately, AQUA forces abandoned DeDerpyDerp upon the realization that LEGO was joining the battle and abandoned the Port. The potato farms were sacked, their navy crippled and casualties were numerous.

AQUA Surrenders

Upon the news of the sacking of Port Potato, Sonu06 formally surrenders to the EA. Disappointed at the lack of action and preparedness on Sonu's part, the EA begrudgingly accepts the surrender and opens for peace talks. Sonu06 herself was not able to hold the diplomatic maturity needed to face the defeat, so Caldera was chosen to represent AQUA during the peace talks in which a truce was declared and reparations were demanded from AQUA. It is here where it is revealed that Sonu06 was paid to declare war on the ESE, but did not expect the full force of the EA. Sonu06 did not release the name of the employer. Historians have uncovered from digging that the treaty after the battle was signed by leaders of ANZ, ESE, VISN, LE, GUCS, and VER.

Post War

DeDerpyDerp, after the war, declared independence from AQUA, stating after the attack there was mistrust and a lack of effort from Sonu06 in protecting the Port, and DeDerpyDerp "not wanting to be in a raiding crew". DNE was founded under the title of Port Potato. 3 weeks into the truce, Sonu06 broke the peace and attacked VISN. Soon after, as before the battle, Sonu06 began taunting the EA and exhibited a toxic behavior towards EA crews in a discord specifically made for peace talks. Sonu06 was silenced due to this toxicity and the ESE returned the favor and retaliated, attacking Sonu06 in his sky base, stealing his gset.

Around 6 months later, The Second Battle of Port Potato happened.