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Overview[edit | edit source]

Icanra, alias the Irish Carrot Leprechaun, or the Orange Leprechaun, was a long term member of the community who first joined in early 2014. He is known for dressing in an orange suit, that he wears almost all the time.

His crew, the Luteus Republic was regarded as the first Republic, and was one of the oldest crews in October 2016 until it merged into The Xanthian Order. He is currently the major of the Isle of Luteus

Background[edit | edit source]

Icanra was born as the first son of a wealthy family, who had previously made their money running a very successful hotel. During his childhood, he saw the rise of the rise of the Elven Empire. While he saw them as a strong nation, he believed strongly in the power of the people, and had a strong sense of justice. Icanra was granted first class education, and studied law and politics to further his interests in politics.

After finishing his studies, his parents we captured by a group of pirates. An attack was lead by the Elves against the pirates who had also ransacked several Elven settlements. His parents were both discovered and released, while the pirates made a run for it. A few days later, a group of 15 men and 4 women were found around a campfire, armed with swords and crossbows, and dressed in elven robes. They were captured, and hung without trial. This deeply distributed Icanra and left a lasting memory of injustice. He swore to do something about the seemingly increasing mistreatment of enemies, and introduce a system of voting.

He then met a player named Uddermilker, who he became good friends with. He agreed to join his crew; the milker bandits, but unbeknownst to him Uddermilker was plotting against him. Becoming suspicious, Icanra left before things got worse.

About 5 years later, his father died of old age, leaving behind a fortune to his sons. Icanra received half of it, but it still added to over £30,000.

With that money, he started building a small town, and introduced a new system of democracy. Elves, which previously felt mistreatment under the monarch rule, as well as new people who supported Icanra flocked in to the new town of Caraway. He invested almost all of his small fortune into the economy and a new courthouse. Soon, the town became overcrowded, and Icanra searched for new lands.

Being sparse with the money he had left, he went and bought old abandoned forts and towns from the British and Elven Empires, and soon more towns and forts popped up such as Fort Cardamom, and Clocktown. Now owning forts and towns across the world, Icanra eventually founded the Luteus Republic, as the first republic of the server.

The newly founded republic grew into a medium sized crew very quickly, and remained at a steady 20 to 25 members. During this period, he met player such as catwinarrow, and the dwarf dinosaur12ml. The senate was founded, and Icanra was elected as chancellor. His first challenge in this position came during the First Verussian War, whereby he ultimately chose to remain neutral in order to sustain friendships on either side of the conflict.

Under his successful terms, he managed to get the Luteus Republic into the League of Nations, as well as making many allies such as the British Empire, Elven Empire, and Xenon Empire. He became lasting friends with people such as KingRS, and Maximus_Terragon whom he trained in the arts of diplomacy.

In October 2016, he agreed to merge the Luteus Republic into The Xanthian Order, and was given the rank of Master of Diplomacy, and King of the Lutean people.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

The first Republic

The Luteus Republic, the crew Icanra created, was created in January 2015, and was the first republic at its time. By October 2016, it was one of the oldest crews still around before it merged into The Xanthian Order.


Icanra does not consider himself human. In fact, he has a rare gene that makes his skin slightly more orange than normal. This in term led orange to become his favourite colour. Many of the inhabitants in his various settlements somehow inherited the pigmented skin, leading Icanra to officially regard himself as a Lutean, rather than human.

Irish Carrot Leprechaun

Just one of the many nicknames Icanra was given due to his obsession with the colour orange, and his Irish background. He has since started to address himself as such when doing public announcements. As a matter of fact, the word 'Luteus' means 'orange' in Latin.

Piratecraft News

After Mandarin_Panda resigned as the author and journalist of the Piratecraft News, Icanra stepped in an offered to lead it. Under his leadership 5 further articles were published, but he too ran out of time eventually and the community started publishing at their own free will.

Crew History[edit | edit source]