Valyrian Freehold

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The Valyrian Freehold
Flag of VAL
Leader(s): CreatingWithKass, Enderzalt, Solembus13 (former leader and founder), and Atalantaa
Major Cities: Valyria City (Capital), Dragonstone, Braavos, Volantis, Casterly Rock
Founded: October 24, 2020
Member Count: 25+
Structure: Imperial/Parliamentary
Character: Defensive Neutrality


The Valyrian Freehold, founded on October 24, 2020 by Enderzalt, CreatingWithKass, and Solembus13, is an empire crew on PMC. Their main goals are to create large cities and eventually conquer land for more cities. Upon joining, the recruit will choose a city to work in, and can eventually work their way up the ranks. They are attempting to be neutral in foreign policy, for the purpose of avoiding direct attacks, however, the nature of PMC sometimes will not allow this, and VAL does have rivals.


The Valyrian Government is made up of 2 main entities, the Dragonlords CreatingWithKass, Enderzalt and (formerly) Solembus13, or crew leaders which have dictatorial powers, and the House of Valyria, consisting of all the lords and barons of each city + the High Commander of the Military. The House can make laws with the approval of the Dragonlords but usually acts as an advisory body, mainly organizing materials and resources that each city needs. The High Lord of Valyria City, currently KCherry_, acts as the chair of the house, leading its procedures. The Dragonlords typically talk to the House before making large decisions like alliances or rivalries. The Dragon Minister, currently Atalantaa, is second to only the Dragonlords. The position was added after both Enderzalt and Solembus13 had gone inactive for a bit and Kass needed help running the crew; the details of its role have not yet been determined.

Each city is lead by a Lord, with a Baron as a subordinate. They receive materials from the city's farmers, miners, and lumberjacks, and give them to the builders to develop the city. This makes it so the cities are essentially self-sufficient. Counts are those who own land outside the city with the consent of the Lord, but not in the city itself. When a new recruit joins, they can pick a city to work on, or join the military.



After MysticTitan's departure from ROME, former leaders Enderzalt, CreatingWithKass, and Solembus13 created the Valyrian Freehold on October 24, 2020. This caused a bit of animosity with ROME. The departure was not all smooth, with a bit of toxicity, however there was no independence war or major conflict. Since then, Valyria has been slowly building up Dragonstone and Valyria City.

Original Appointments

As the crew was forming, high ranking positions were given out to the friends of the dragonlords. Son_of_Tyr became the first High Lord of Valyria. Gqldn founded Braavos and became it's Sealord. Atalantaa joined the crew and renamed her old crew capital to Volantis, becoming its Lord. Other players such as _Tywin, Lord of Casterly Rock, Masondave, Baron of Braavos, SkyRaine, and KCherry_ joined the crew as well. There was no lord of Dragonstone, instead being directly led by the Dragonlord, Solembus13.

Shift in Leadership

In March and April 2021, major changes in the leadership of the crew occured. Firstly, Solembus13 had started to become inactive and have conflicts with the other leaders. Due to this, he decided to resign from the crew and create his own called Sunny. He still remains friends and allies with the Freehold despite not being in the crew. Secondly, the rank of Dragon Minister was formed and given to Atalantaa. She was also promoted to an in-game leader. Gqldn also decided to resign temporarily and the position of Sealord of Braavos remains vacant. Son_of_Tyr had been in the crew PLUTUS for many months and CreatingWithKass, and Enderzalt decided to remove his position of High Lord of Valyria. An election for the position was held, along with for Baron of Valyria City. KCherry_ won this election almost unanimously, becoming the High Lord of Valyria and SkyRaine became the Baron of Valyria.

The V0ID War

On April 16th, an argument in global chat broke out started by Zhaphod's toxicity against staff members, Atalantaa and CreatingWithKass who happened to be a part of the Valyrian Freehold. This happened after random alliances and rivalries between the two crews that had been happening since V0ID was founded. Valyria was friends with Helios, a leader of V0ID, and somewhat with Ryd5r, another leader, but had many conflicts with alvaro_o, the third leader. When Zhaphod returned to PMC and changed his name to mock Kass, he got muted by staff members due to toxicity. Zhaphod convinced the V0ID leaders to issue a war request which was accepted by the Dragonlords.

Valyria had created a spontaneous alliance with CSN just a few days before and CSN decided to aid Valyria in the war, fighting in numerous battles. Valyria also had many other allies such as khaiethan who fought with them briefly. Many battles have taken place, with Valyria successfully defending the capital from V0ID attackers without much difficulty.

Due to the actions of CSN elsewhere in global conflicts, many other crews such as PRSA, VISN, ESE, and others declared hostilities with CSN. This caused a second conflict to start between CSN and those crews. However, Valyria has stayed out of that war and has chosen to only fight V0ID.

More information about the war can be read on this page: V0ID World War

Wars and Conflicts

April 16 - July 2021

Cause: Arguments between Zhaphod and Valyrian Leaders/Staff in chat - V0ID declares war on Valyria

Outcome: It ended in an overall standstill as both sides stopped fighting. V0ID was distracted with a war with CSN, and Valyria focused on building again. Currently, the crews are allied.




Prominent Members

Notable Allies