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AidsPlays[edit | edit source]

AidsPlays was formerly known as DontTreadOnMe, _OuttaCompton_, OuttaCompton02, AeroDelusionz, and last of all DoubleSocks_ and is Galaxy219`s right hand man for the Elven Guard

Early History[edit | edit source]

AidsPlays first joined PirateCraft in early June along with his friend FordCrownVic (who joined in late may), Ford`s cousin _grandon_, and SBurger6969. The group made a crew called the Crips and at the time didnt know about seige and its rules.

First Complications with EE[edit | edit source]

While Aids and his group of friends were playing in late June they had the worst siege ever in there Forest Settlement and it was by the famous Elven Empire and Reptaria was the leader of this siege alongside other players siegeing the group of friends. The siege resulted in a loss of many valuables and cussing. _grandon_ later than got a temp ban for his swearing. After this raid Aids and _grandon_ convinced FordCrownVic that they had to leave that settlement and move to a new one so they hopped in Ford`s ship and sailed the Ocean to the new settlement later than known as ''StoneMeadow''

After that raid though Aids began to start talking to the leader of the EE Reptaria and that resulted in him and his buddies disbanding the Crips and joining the EE. Later on AidsPlays almost got a leadership spot but then he suddenly complications happened IRL and he couldnt become a leader.

Aids Takes A Break[edit | edit source]

After playing for a while AidsPlays finally stopped playing minecraft around early August he was in the middle of a minecraft crisis (mid-life crisis) and started playing other games but then finally his friends Galaxy219, Red_Wing, FordCrownVic, and SBurger6969 convinced him too get back on but his friends didnt know he changed his name to _OuttaCompton_ and Galaxy219 killed him in the upcoming town of StoneMeadow.

The Making of StoneMeadow[edit | edit source]

After a while Aids and his friends all made bases in a vicinity and wanted to make a town but the friends didnt know what to name it so they went online and searched up names and finally voted for this infamous town to be named StoneMeadow. This then brought peace and commerce across the land until a crew named CoV came along...

CoV and Their Killings in StoneMeadow[edit | edit source]

After about 1 week of StoneMeadow being a town some activity of rival crews started to spur in the northern hemisphere of StoneMeadow. This rival crew was CoV and it didnt make it any better when Galaxy219 would spur up fights with the CoV members and one day CoV snapped and raided Galax219`s small little hut near the Northern Hemisphere of StoneMeadow and those attacks would not stop from there, there would be a long time feud between the CoV members and the members of StoneMeadow.

Age of USE[edit | edit source]

Aids and his friends soon got tired of the rule of the EE and finally left and created the crew USE aka United States Empire and made it there goal to make everyone in there crew equal. So what did USE do? They made a town in the capitol called Decky Town this town was infamous for housing many of the Deckhands in the crew of USE. USE had many enemies and few allies, The Allies were the VE and the EE and the ally between them was very strong. USE fought in one major war, The war against Solis. the Solis war was a war that lasted about a month but shed lots of blood and USE was a major helping hand for the EE in this war. USE defended Lathol many times for the EE while they werent on and every time Solis attacked Lathol the crew USE was victorious! they didnt loose a single attack/defense in that war.

Aids Right Now[edit | edit source]

Currently Aids is apart of the EE alongside his fellow friends and he is trying to earn respect and get higher into the ranks of the EE and on the date of March 12, 2016 had his name changed by GodsDead which gave him the nickname of FluffyBunny123 and AidsPlays is trying to get his username back by spreading the hashtag #MakeBunnyAidsAgain a play on the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain