Religions, Cults, and Political Philosophies

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PirateCraft has always had a sort of underlying collection of 'Religions', 'Cults' and 'Political Philosophies' within it's vibrancy.

Religions, cults, and philosophies are all internal movements among players that aim to covert other players; whereas political movements reflect player opinions on the status of the server.

Religions + Cults

Definition: A belief in a certain system or worship


Definition: a theory of attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour

Political Movements

Definition: a philosophy on the server as a whole, as opposed to internal roleplay. Essentially, viewpoints on what path the server should take.


  • Empirism - a movement that believes the server favors pvpers too much, and push for a less pvp-orientated agenda.
  • Passivism - a movement aiming to reduce levels of pvp via stricter rules, removing siege, or removing pvp altogether.


  • Conservatism - a movement aiming to keep the current status quo of drama, and ensure both pvp and non-pvp playstyles remain equally viable.
  • Cysteenism - a movement aiming to more strongly moderate toxicity and drama as a whole, and create a more friendly environment (not to be confused with Cystianism).


  • Shrekism (political) - a movement that believes the server favors 'passive players' and builders too much, and push for a more pvp/battle-orientated agenda.
  • Anarchism - a movement aiming to strongly reduce staff moderation, influence on drama, and number of rules.


  • Renaissance - a movement favoring resetting the Piratecraft world to offer everyone a fresh restart.