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Colrainism is a political philosophical ideology founded by ultracreeper.

It has changed over time and often split into different "generations" from which ideas can often by affiliated with. [1]

For a long time, Colrainism failed to become a mainstream ideology despite ultracreeper's many speeches in the Ashikagan embassy. This seems mostly due to the fact that the Colrainist movement failed to establish itself as a notable force in-game with little regard to PirateCraft siege mechanics. Another reason is ultracreeper's rebranding himself as the Idiot (Kaiser) and attempting to infiltrate the British state system with Colrainism through subterfuge, which resulted in international condemnation as well as a short-lived conflict between the two crews.

On 13th February, ultracreeper announced his intention of leaving the server for a period of time, which ground the development of the revolutionary crew to a halt. [2]

The Ideology of Generation 1 Colrainism

Colrainism is an ideology that was loosely based off the economic policies of Nationalistic Socialism and Communism. It's Government structure is a form of Constitutional Monarchism and Democracy.

Colrainism calls for economic equality throughout Its citizens, but given the server's Great Depression, a perfectly functioning Colrainist society would be extremely difficult to put into effect. The only citizens that would be paid more than the average worker would be Government officials and Colony managers.

Militarily, Colrainism understands the importance of having a formidable army, thus hoped to arm every citizen with weapons and armor strong enough to defend their homelands. However this was not achieved in the first generation of Colrainism.

The Colrainist Revolutionary State

Founded on the 30th of September, 2018, the modernized and reformed Colrainist ideology was put onto paper with a book originally titled "The Colrainist Book", and its tenets being applied to the Colrainist Revolutionary State (CRS).

A reorganization of CRS took form in GUCS, however still part of the 2nd and current generation of Colrainist ideology. GUCS was founded on the 10th of November, still 2018.