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An artist’s renditon of the great Ogrelord.

For the political movement, seet Shrekism (political)

Shrekism is the religion founded by JusaShrek1 and was preached by the crew ShrekNation. They wait in patience for the return of the Great Green One, who will vanquish the Farquaads, Charmings, and Stiltskins, with an almighty roar which will ring in the ears of all: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?!"

Followers of the religion spread the glory of Shrek by forcing players to convert to Shrek, or face eternal suffering.

Levels within the Church of the Swamp

The Church of the Swamp has levels of commitment, and status is defined in this simple table.

Status Commitment
Shrek Will have "Shrek" in their name
Layer Priest Will actively recruit followers
kalonji, or Onion Seed Simple follower