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in-game skin
Joined: 6th December 2014
Rank: N/A
Crew: British Empire
Position: Election Commissioner
The British Empire
Union Jack.png
The Union Jack
BE Commonwealth of Nations Flag Four Stars 07.02.2016.png
Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
Leader: Bislo1
Founded: January 2015
Structure: Democratic Federation
Character: Peaceful

PaulOnFire was a long-term player and Housewright on PirateCraft. He is one of the oldest members of the British Empire and was particularly active on the forums.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The main Minecraft activities which interest PaulOnFire are exploration and construction. Architecture, d├ęcor and infrastructure (including redstone to a degree) can be counted as his strengths. Over the years, PaulOnFire has produced a good number amount of personal projects of varying sizes in creative mode. Most of these projects have yet to be introduced to the server. He is currently involved many unfinished live projects, such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Port Vernesse, the Global Road Network, the Hub and various others.

Other related activities in which he partakes are creating and organising groups, writing articles for the wiki, documenting history and occasionally producing skins. He was promoted to the rank of Housewright in autumn 2015.

PaulOnFire used to like skeleton or burning skins to reflect his name. Upon joining the British Empire, he designed a British governor skin for himself and hasn't changed it since.

Background[edit | edit source]

Pre-PirateCraft[edit | edit source]

PaulonFire had been active on Minecraft for a couple of years prior to joining the PirateCraft server. After being shown the game by a friend in 2012, he downloaded the PCGamer demo version in February 2013. On this world he built his first small house and a road network. However, he underestimated the power of flint and steel and succeeded in burning down miles upon miles of forest before setting himself ablaze. This served as the inspiration for his name. [1]

After spending some time in offline mode, he decided to visit some servers so as to add more excitement to the game. The first server he spent a few months on was a lockette server with no claim protection and one /home per player. To begin with, PaulOnFire spent most of his time doing cartography, hiding secret treasure chests and setting up traps. After a while, he decided to accept residents near his main base and founded two small, unnamed towns. The first was abandoned after persistent griefing became a daily challenge. The second was destroyed in a battle against a small army of griefers. It lasted for over an hour and was ultimately lost when the server's most powerful faction of PvPers arrived, killing PaulOnFire in the process. After a small chat they did then however decide to help drive off the horde and establish peace amongst the ruins. [2]

Unfortunately, the map was reset to implement the new 1.7 biomes and annul all players' balances. A mathematical error in the server shop had been allowing players to generate infinite money (at a slow pace) and completely destroyed the economy.

The new map was made into a factions server, where PaulOnFire built a tall tower, as isolated as possible to keep griefers at bay. He was raided once despite his efforts, but hid his most valuable items away so secretly that they remained untouched. One day he logged in to find that the server had been shut down.

Knowing that he did not like servers with map regenerations, he scoured the internet to find a quality server. On PCGamerN he found the PirateCraft IP and joined in December 2014. [3]

PirateCraft[edit | edit source]

PaulOnFire's first action was to venture as far from spawn as possible. He still wished to set up camp by himself and avoid the unpleasant grief wars of the past. On his voyage he stumbled across both Karjat and Mgalbrai's Castle and realised the server had many works of art to uncover.

His choice of home was a mountain on the former world border, which would one day become the location of Port Vernesse. He dug a deep hole in the heart of the mountain to preserve his items with his limited number of claim blocks. The natural caves of the mountains reminded him of smuggler hideouts, so he decided to build a small dock in the mountain harbour.

In creative mode he worked on his harbour design, expanding it ever more. Soon he started flattening some of the area directly next to the water to make space for more buildings. He also started making a mob-drop farm in another nearby mountain. He also utilised the opportunity to partake in the dhow and schooner ship building competitions. All his ships won recognition and are counted among the default ships players can buy at the Cove.

It was around this time that PaulOnFire came into contact with TimHuisman and CrazyPirate. They invited him into the new British Empire as a founder. After having witnessed pirates destroy a nearby spider spawner that he had failed to claim, PaulOnFire realised it was good to have friends in a dangerous world. He agreed to the proposal, helped write the charter and establish the first government. He was granted the position of Election Commissioner, a title he has held ever since.

In the early, conflict-ridden days of the British Empire, PaulOnFire was involved in many skirmishes. These days he has relatively limited time to be online and devotes most of his resources towards building. He has recently been a driving force in establishing up the Commonwealth of Nations and is standing as a candidate for Secretary-General.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

PaulOnFire's previous roles:

  • Housewright
  • Server Scribe
  • Builder

Crew History[edit | edit source]

Crew Rank Membership
British Empire Election Comissioner January 2015 - present