Lost Faythe

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Lost Faythe, Island of Palmerageddon


Is a small island in the mid to north area of the Iborian Sea, near about the northern parts of the South Region of PirateCraft, where Palmerageddon original decided to set up the centre of his Imperial Empire, however, after attacks on it by the Pirate's Ryeaka and Fisban, and their construction of a sea-base right next to it, it became clear this would not be a practical place to set up the empire's capital.

In the Mesa, there were large, undeveloped plateaus, it was one of these which Palmerageddon colonized as the new empire; the Iborian Empire, was set up, to which he named New Faythe, which was in close proximity to the other settlements Iron Sands and Port Acemunch.

This small island is still used, and has become his main dwelling as New Faythe is gradually constructed.