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BGraph Riding into Battle on His Faithful Steed
Age: 16
Rank: Housewright (Build Team Leader)
Real Name: Miq
Crew: BE

BGraph first joined the server in March 2015, and has been an active member of the community ever since.

BGraph as Emperor of SPQR

Few may know this, but the first crew that BGraph was ever part of was called "SPQR". This is not the current crew, however, it was the first ever SPQR that the town name of Rome originally belonged to. Fortunately, BGraph left SPQR to join the British Empire and has never looked back.

BGraph in the British Empire

In Spring 2016, BGraph ran for the role of Prime Minister of the British Empire with CrazyPirate as his Vice Prime Minister. The results were close, but clear. BGraph's political opponents, Bislo1 and Lawzoneon beat them to the role. Shortly afterwards, BGraph was granted the position of Minister of Justice, with Ketoh acting as his Chief of Police. Additionally, as a member of the British Empire, BGraph is the serving Governor of Vendigroth.

Roles On PirateCraft


The best means of contact is to send a private message through the PirateCraft Discord.