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German Imperial eagle flag.png
The flag of Kaiserreich
Governor General: ItsCrazyDave (aka. Ty Prez)
Kaiser: Guineapigplays
Founded: 3rd April 2019
Population: 6
Structure: Imperial Parliamentary Democracy
Character: Peaceful until attacked
  • None

Kaiserreich was a semi-crew (British Realm) created by Guineapigplays. It was later disbanded and replaced by a new semi-crew called the Union of South Africa.

History[edit | edit source]

Battle of Neu Berlin[edit | edit source]

One night, foreign troops led by CottageCooper approached by sea and killed the soldiers guarding the docks. They then entered the city through the Brandenburg Gate and opened fire on the civilians. The Wehrmacht was unprepared and were pushed back towards the surrounding forest. Here they got stuck in the undergrowth and were chopped to pieces by the attackers' sabres. The attackers left, leaving the city heavily damaged.

Imperial Constitution[edit | edit source]

Article I: Reichstag Positions

Head of State & Passing Laws:

  • The BE Prime Minister (who is the Head of the British Empire) and his/her government are the official holders of the "reserved executive" powers of the Realm, powers reserved for the Head of State.
  • The BE government is represented in the Realm by the "Governor General" of its choice.
  • The Governor General is a partially ceremonious role in Kaiserreich, holding no political power. However, as an agent/liaison to the BE government, he/she is also granted the powers of the "reserved executive"; they are:

1) The power to dismiss a Kaiser and his/her government if the Kaiser loses the support of the Reichstag (Parliament). The Governor General also has the power to formally appoint a Kaiser

2) The power to dissolve the Reichstag. This act should only be done in accordance to the Kaiser's advice; the Governor General is only allowed to act using his/her own discretion if it's an emergency

3) The power to summon and prorogue the Reichstag

4) The right to refuse assent twice, what's happens from there is completed guided by circumstances. Note: All bills and amendments passed by the Reichstag and the public must be given assent (signed) by the Governor General in order for them to become law

5) Call a national emergency and grant pardons, although in normal circumstances this decision should only be made under the advice of the government/appropriate experts

6) Advice and Warn the Government

  • The Governor General cannot be a current member of the Reichstag.
  • Only the BE government can overrule a Governor General's decision and dismiss him/her.
  • The Governor General is the head of the Realm's military, however the Kaiser is his/her primary advisor.

Parliamentary positions & rules:

  • The Reichstag (Parliament) is the supreme law making institution of the land. Its members must be democratically elected/nominated.
  • If the same Bill (even with alterations) does not receive a majority in the Reichstag 3 times in a row, an election must be called.
  • Amendments to the constitution must be additionally approved by a public referendum before being signed into law.
  • A Reichstag serves a maximum term of 5 months.
  • A call for a vote of "no confidence" by the Reichstag on the Kaiser and his/her government cannot be done in the first 3 months of their term.


  • Kaiser - The elected head of government and head of the Realm. The Kaiser represents Kaiserreich on the international stage. He/she is granted executive law-making powers which can be used to bypass the Reichstag; however the Reichstag does have the power to overrule any executive decision of the Kaiser's after 2 weeks. Note: The Governor General can use his/her "reserved executive" powers to overrule a Kaiser too, but only in an emergency!!
  • Reichstag member - Each town has it's own representative in the Reichstag.
  • Bundeskabinett member - A member of the Reichstag who has been selected by the Kaiser to be a member of his/her government (cabinet).

Article II: The Military

The Wehrmacht is the combined defence forces of the Kaiserreich.

The Wehrmacht High Command:

  • Feldmarschall - The commander of the army.
  • Admiral of the High Seas Fleet - The commander of the navy.

Wehrmacht Branches:

Heer (Army):

  • Deutsches Heer - The Kaiserreich's army positioned in the Fatherland.
  • Schutztruppe - The Kaiserreich's army in the colonies.

Kriegsmarine (Navy):

  • Kaiserliche Marine - The Imperial German Navy

Luftwaffe (Air Force):

  • Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte - The Imperial German Air Force based around land.
  • Marine-Fliegerabteilung - The Imperial German Air Force based at sea.

Flags[edit | edit source]

Kaiserreich has many alternative flags in case of a coup/a new ideology taking over/the Reichstag wanting a change of flag.


Monarchy-a form of government with a monarch at the head.

Monarchy flag
Monarchy flag
Monarchy flag


Communist flag

"Everything else in this Constitution/wiki page is a work in progress!"

Signatories[edit | edit source]

"We are witnesses to the creation of this Imperial Constitution. -- God Save The Empire and Gott mit uns --"

  • BE Prime Minister: Taulov
  • BE Vice Prime Minister: lazydog11
  • Kaiserreich Governor General: ItsCrazyDave/Ty Prez
  • Kaiser: Guineapigplays

Date: 1st of May 2019 (GMT)