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Ireland is a settlement located in the eastern part of the piratecraft world.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Ireland was founded in May 2015 by CelticTiger38. It’s first building was a small cobblestone hut that has since been demolished. Celtic lived alone on the island for about two weeks before he was joined by _grandon_, AidsPlays, and SBurger6969. There was peace in the settlement until it was invaded by the Elves in June. Queen Reptaria and others killed the residents and destroyed much of the buildings. After the attack, Celtic and the others knew it wasn’t safe anymore and left for a new land, which would turn out to be Stonemeadow.

Resettlement and Current Status[edit | edit source]

Ireland was resettled by Celtic in late 2015 after he was able to get a second home due to his carpenter rank. He kept the area as a peaceful refuge away from the wild atmosphere of Stonemeadow. Celtic had big plans for Ireland, as he planned to have a large base known as Team Rocket Headquarters built underground. However, he never got around to it, and he was forced to share the island with Galaxy219 and Raven228 early in the summer of 2016. Raven and Galaxy built several buildings throughout the island, some of which stand today. However, after about a month, they had given up on the island, leaving the island back in the hands of Celtic.

Currently, the island is under the control of Celtic (GO_BLUE) and the USE.