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Map of Vendigroth

This page is about the port town called "Vendigroth".

'Vendigroth is a coastal town located -5933, -3596 bordering a part of the Northern-Western Sea. Vendigroth is a town under the control of the British Empire, so thus it only accepts players with a valid British Passport.'

Town Origins

This town was originally created so that the crew S.P.Q.R. could finally have a home to call its own. The old fort that is located on top of Mt. Vendi is the only remaining structure that remains from before S.P.Q.R. took over this region of land. It is currently presumed that the earlier inhabitants of this area were killed by some form of the Plague. Not much else is remembered about the early days of Vendigroth, however, as the records have unfortunately been lost to history.


In the map at the top of this page, you can see all of the land that Vendigroth owns/and/or hopes to acquire in the future. All of the land that is currently encircled by red is the land that is claimed by Vendigroth. All the land that is currently surrounded in blue, however, is currently being discussed about with the owners of those regions.

Vendigroth's founder and governor, BGraph, has been very protective of his land in the past. Most player's attempts to move onto this region's land have been met with fierce opposition by him. In fact, BGraph has openly threatened crews that have, in the past, tried to buy/acquire this region's land. The most recent disagreement, which was with the Thirteen Colonies, almost caused BGraph to leave the British Empire and openly declare a full out war with the Thirteen Colonies. After discussing the situation with the leaders of the British Empire and the Thirteen Colonies, BGraph fortunately decided to peacefully request that the Thirteen Colonies stay off of his town's land. Ever since the Thirteen Colonies departure from this area ( Which in no way was caused by their disagreement ), BGraph has had no trouble with any other crews/players.

Future of Vendigroth

Although BGraph has not been very active in the past few months, he still manages to come on the server and work on Vendigroth every chance he gets. Hopefully, in the coming months, BGraph will finally be able to finish the coastal town of Vendigroth. One of the reasons that it takes so long for BGraph to create his town is that he tries to make every building up to a certain set of standards. One of the other main contributing factors is also that BGraph has joined a build team and has been busy trying to keep up with all of the builds that need to be finished.