North Sea

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Labeled map with all the seas and oceans
Sea 2, "North Sea" close up

From the Oceanic Regions Page:

The North Sea is a narrow, land-locked sea in the far northern reaches of PirateCraft, below the Polaric Sea.

It was the farthest north body of water until the world was expanded on August 8th 2016. It is a heavily settled area, with the North being mainly dominated by the British Empire for instance accounts the majority of its colonies in this region. The Endorien Empire also has a fairly large array of castles and towns as well within this area.

It is home to other present and historic crews, such as Thirteen Colonies, members of CoV, Delta, The Dominion Of Canada, and numerous others. The Christmas 2016 event took place in a sealed-off area on the southern coast of the North Sea.