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¶| colspan="2" style="text-align:center; border:1px #DCDCDC; background-color:#DCDCDC; font-size:12pt" |Uarehere |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center"| Uarehere.png |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center"|In-game Skin |- | {{#if:|Date Joined: | November 28, 2017 |- | {{#if:|Crew: |The New Crusaders (Leader) |- | {{#if:|Rank: | Boatswain |- | {{#if:|Religion: |God's Blade Cult>

Uarehere is the current leader of The New Crusaders, as well as the mastermind behind the God's Blade Cult. He is currently building the 2019 Piratecraft Olympic Stadium though strangely, he is doing so for free.

The first night of Piratecraft; A Brief Biography:

It all began when I woke to the sound of waves, on a wrecked ship that I have never seen before. I was extremely confused, not knowing were I was or how I got here. But, as I explored the wreckage, I heard a voice in the south wind. Not knowing what it was, I decided to explore in that direction. Using planks from the wreckage, I made a small boat and began my journey. Many hours passed when finally I heard the voice again, this time southwest of my location. It was not too far away, as I could hear it quite clearly. It was a light murmur, asking for help. As I was new, I decided to follow the voice. A couple hours later a came to a long, sandy shore. Next to the water was a small shack. As I walked toward it, I knew something was wrong. The murmuring had stopped, and I could no longer hear the wind nor the sound of the birds. Not even the waves made a noise. As I entered the shack, I witnessed a horrible site. A bloated, rotting body lay on the floor. As I looked on in dread, I heard the murmur again, outside of the shack. I followed it, and after a short walk, I came to a cave. I noticed it was surrounded by a crystalline substance. I walked inside. And walked. I walked for days, then weeks, then years, until I finally came to the end of the tunnel. Resting on the ground was a small gold cross. I picked it up, and immediately saw all the land I had came to. I saw all who lived, all who died, and all who had not yet came to its beautiful shores. I knew they wanted me dead. ALL of them wanted it, and they would do anything to get it. I looked behind me to find myself back at the entrance of the cave. I exited, looking around to make sure nobody was watching me. This cross is now my most prized possession. As the sunlight outside hit me, I fell to the ground. Now I remember. I was sent here on a mission. I will complete it. Ḭ̪̩̔͋̃̚͢ ̩̦͉̍͊̌M̟̗͊͑͛͜Ṳ̰̿̂S͖̳̠̀̎̚Ṫ̤ ̢̡̻̦͔̉͗́̓̉C̰̈́̐͢͠ͅỎ͍M̤̑P͔̯̅̍Ĺ̬̯͙͂̽ETE͎̖̤͂̄̍ ͉̤̤͙̊̾́̾IȚ̭̾͝!̻̽