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Joining Piratecraft

TheMineToad first joined Piratecraft March 25, 2015. After wandering around, looking for a place to build, for hours he decided to look at the Live Map. From there he chose a far off island and began a long trek across the entire map to it. Once he got there, he began to build a small base. After feeling a bit more secure, TheMineToad began to look for alliances to make and eventually joined the Elven Empire which he hoped would give him protection as he got a foothold in the server.

Unfortunately it did not give him the full protection that he wanted and he eventually was raided and lost a decent portion of gear as he had not built his base securely. This would be the spark that would light the flame into building a fortress that was almost impossible to raider.


TheMineToad was alone on his island for awhile but eventually a friend of his, thegreatSAA, moved onto the island adjacent from his and began building her own fortress.

Next Stages

TheMineToad finally finished the walls of his fortress March 9, 2017(Almost 2 years later) and is now working on building the interior. He has worked his way up the ranks of the Elven Empire and is now a leader with the title of "Recruiter". He tries to not get caught up in the crew politics but if needed he always goes to the aid of the Elven Empire and it's allies.