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Name: Berlusconi
Crew: Cosa Nostra
Builder: Terragon Shipbuilding & Engineering, Port Xenia
Launched: 2 September 2018
Nickname(s):: "The Italian", "Da Vinci"


The Berlusconi is a famous ship which has earned its fame by fighting gallantly in the organised Server Ships battles, making its debut in late 2018.

It is of "Indiaman" ship class, and is a formidable force to contend with. It's deck is over 15 blocks above sea-level, giving it's crew the safety and advantage of height over it's opponents, enabling archers upon it's decks to fire down onto the unsuspecting shipmates of other competing crews during battle.

Berlusconi can be seen from space

The masts and sails of the Berlusconi are towering, making it often the tallest ship competing. One of the few advantages of having large sails is that it keeps much of the wool away from the usual target area of ships enemy ships- the hull. Which is important as once the wool dips below the amount required, the ship, and its crew will take the plunge- a fate which has so far not befell the Berlusconi.

Within it's hull it harbours an arrange of artillery, usually that of short carronades, linked up to an automatic firing system- beware though that the majority of this battery is kept near the top of the ship, and that the ship hosts "false" cannons on its hull, which can trick and draw fire to areas which will only prove pointless to that of any ship which chooses to engage it. The battery placement is high, much like the deck, and proves to be indispensable as it fires a mix of explosive cobble shots and anti-personnel blasts into the bellies of other warships.

Its battery does however not stop here, it also hosts cannons arranged on it's backside, which come in handy when the Berlusconi goes vertical to any of it's quarry, to avoid fire. It also hosts 2 cannons high up in its crows nest, to fire onto the decks of any ships which are of height which matches its own.

Transformation from Da Vinci[edit | edit source]

Notable Battles[edit | edit source]