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History of the Virgin Islands[edit | edit source]

Originally created and governed by CrazyPirate in May 2014, the Virgin Islands was one of the first settlements to join the notorious British Empire. After Chailey informed CrazyPirate that he wanted to join the Empire in February 2015, it wasn't long before the control of the Virgin Islands was handed over. Despite being one of the older settlements of the Empire, the Islands did not have any land to call their own. It is for this reason that Chailey's first job was to find an area suitable enough to claim for the British Empire and get to work. After a few days, he decided to settle on a large island surrounded by other, smaller, islands in the north of the world. One of the reasons for his decision to build there was because he could benefit from, and contribute to, the protection of the north of the map from the British Empire. From here, the Islands' land grew continuously until its current size of 38,875 blocks. The Governor's reside of the Virgin Islands was finished by Chailey on the 22nd of February, 2015. Although this is the only building present on the Islands at the moment, the Governor has plans to expand once the entire land mass that makes up the Islands has been claimed.

The Governor's residence

Features of the Virgin Islands[edit | edit source]

Although they do not currently consist of much more than a residence for the Governor, a large amount of land has been excavated for a yet unknown purpose for the British Empire. There are plans to expand the Virgin Islands to an island-wide trading settlement, where members of the server will be allowed to rent shops, dock space and houses. Chailey is very keen to see some investment in projects for the British Empire, and is happy to fund them himself, once he has a sustainable income available to him. When the Virgin Islands have been fully claimed, Chailey hopes to implement the building of at least 30 shops, and 50 houses. This should provide the server with a new, competitive, trading hub, as well as provide a source of income for the Empire.

Governors of the Virgin Islands[edit | edit source]

Governors of the Virgin Islands
Name From Until
CrazyPirate May 2014 February 2015
Chailey February 2015 Current

The Flag of the Virgin Islands[edit | edit source]

The Flag of the Virgin Islands