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Shockerboy686's skin

Shockerboy686 is a piratecraft youtuber and co-owner of the Parrot Lovers.

Shockerboy686 in the Parrot Lovers

Shockerboy’s part in PL all started when MysticTitan made Shockerboy686 a small stone house in a spruce forest. Shocker almost killed Mystic while he was invisible and trying to raid Shocker, so Mystic called truce and made Shocker a tiny stone house. This small hut would be the basis and location for Shockerboy686's castle. Without it, who knows if PL would exist today?

Later, Shockerboy686 met a player named Peppykiss395. Shocker and Peppy quickly became friends, and Peppy moved in with Shocker. Peppy built a small house, and helped Shocker with upgrading the base. As the base began to grow, another deckhand, Flare6O7, also built a small house near Peppy's. Tech6, another deckhand, also joined and sort of lived in Shockerboy's base with shocker.

Around this time, Peppykiss395 and Shockerboy686 decided to start their own crew. Adoring their two parrots Red Parrot and Grey Parrot, they decided to name the crew "Parrot Lovers", for parrot lovers alike to join. Crews like Isen and TNRR allied the Parrot Lovers, and a roof was added to the base. As PL became bigger, more people started noticing it. CrazyPirate1 decided to attack, but Peppy trapped him in a fall trap. Furious about the loss of his god set, CrazyPirate1 declared war on PL. BE constantly attacked PL, with players like 4orange, huangR, and WaterPool sieging Peppy's base constantly. They soon realized it was pointless, and eventually forgot about PL. The base then was farther upgraded, with a lava moat and a fall trap made by a crewmate MonkeyPool11. Peppy created the official PL banner. Flare6O7 and tech6 then made a surprise appearance after being inactive, and Peppy, Shocker, Flare, and Tech made a giant ship! This was the biggest ship any of them had ever made, and it was PL's pride and joy. A spruce sapling named DANK MEMES was in a chest inside.

However, disaster struck. The ship was sunk by an unknown player, because Shockerboy forgot to claim it. They moved on eventually, and improved the empire even more. The first Parrot Town was created as an extention to the Parrot Lovers base, and stampycatlover, nuggetbiscuit, 222Angel, and cookiepower09 moved in to it. The town had a public farm, a donation well, a chicken-a-nator, an iron golem, a holy tree, and livestock! Peppy added a beacon to the base that was won from the x-mas event.

Everyone lived in peace inside the walls of Old Parrot Town. However, tensions grew between PL and a player named PickleNado. The base happened to be right next to pickle's town, which everyone thought was inactive. PickleNado raided the crew and built a giant wall right in front of the base! The wall had signs on it that said: "We built a wall and now Parrot Lovers will pay for it". But the Parrot Lovers proved resilient, and PickleNado eventually became inactive again.

The members of the first Parrot Town became inactive over time. We will never forget the legacy of that first town. Peppykiss395, acting as the leader of PL, decided to make a new and improved Parrot Town, near the place where an old crew member who left the crew named Pughugs0210 lived, and a small castle Peppykiss395 bought from Cosmickingjoel. Unlike Old Parrot Town, this town, though lacking walls, had much more room to build. The town soon became a success, with players like DarthJadon, coddyfish, and foxofpyromancy moving in! More and more houses were built, and the town became a masterpiece! New threats like Driftingsixguns and anandak appeared, but their attacks only made PL stronger. Soon, almost every single crew was allied to PL.

Shockerboy686 and Peppykiss395 then decided to build the Shockerboy Floating Islands. The floating islands were built far away from PL land, near the world border. TheAgentGamer built a house there, and Peppy brought up pigs to the island. Peppy built a fancy quartz house and a giant carrot farm in the shape of Shockerboy's face, and Shockerboy made his famous house, called 107 da chocks. These islands are referred to sometimes as the Heaven Islands.

Shocker then decided to start a youtube channel. His channel originally was unknown. Then, Smokeyriver posted a link to Shockerboy's second episode: Shockerboy Gets Drunk. The video was an instant craze, with it getting 271 views in a week! Shockerboy sort of became a religion, with many people saying "Whats up dudes and dudettes" whenever they logged on and people saying Subscribe to Shockerboy686 all over the server and in the piratecraft discord. Many of his videos are recorded in the shockerboy floating islands, and others in Parrot Town. Shockerboy686 has made a lasting impression on the server, and Peppy will continue leading the Parrot Lovers. His youtube videos are famous and well known for their cringyness and screeches. He still records videos to this day.

YouTube Career

Shockerboy started making cringy youtube videos on March 4th, 2018.

Shockerboy's videos (As of 9/6/2018):