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Sōvengon as of November 2020
Crew Affiliations: Valyrian Freehold
Owner: CreatingWithKass
Founded: July 2020
Location: West
Coordinates: -7924, 64, -2557

Sōvengon is a Japanese inspired base originally created by iTokii and gifted to CreatingWithKass. At the time it was just the outter walls, but over a few months buildings have begun forming, and it has become Kass' main base of operations.

Within the coming months the base will hopefully be full of all the functional buildings needed for a base, as well as decorations, markets, housing and parks. Along the outskirts of the walls will be vast farmlands stretching out into the wilderness, feeding supplies for those who reside in Sōvengon and for Valyria as a whole.