Siege of Visitopia

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WIP- DeDerpyDerp

What Happened

As recounted by DeDerpyDerp, who fought in the seige. "April 23rd, around 4pm EST. On the VISN Discord a @everyone said that a CSN warship was at Visitopia (The capital of VISN). A siege had begun.

After Romich02, one of CSN Leaders, and many other CSN crewmen had disembarked from there 4th rate ship of the line, boasting a 23 cannon broadside, they raided the town. After nearly an hour of non stop cannon bombardment of the main harbor, taking 1 unclaimed ship down to the bottom, they raided and attempted to ransack the city. I was a hired farmer for the city at the time, enjoying a stay at the INN when I logged on at ~ 5pm EST to farm. (Making a small wage while the DNS Southernly Gale was waiting for a tradeship at Visitopia. I peacefully farmed as I watch CSN use mortars to kill live stock (they left me alone due to me not taking my armor, I can't pick a fight in a 1v1 against a PvPer.) Soon, PIPPIP5789 among with many others whom I don't have/ didn't ask their permission to name, came up with the idea to Distract CSN while they blockaded the now unmanned blockade.

After /tp in a few fighters, and using a /home to return to my fields relatively close to the fighting, I had not only helped distract CSN, but soon joined the operation to capture the capital ship blocking the port."

After the ship was blocked PIPPIP5789 and DeDerpyDerp and other VISN fighters, soon CSN routed leaving their ship behind.

After the siege was lifted, DeDerpyDerp joined VISN to fight CSN as PRSA chose to stay out of the war.

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