Port Royal

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Flag of Port Royal

Port Royal is the oldest settlement in PirateCraft_1. It is governed by CrazyPirate, who was the first serving Prime Minister of the British Empire.

The settlement of Port Royal originally started out as an NPC village. CrazyPirate improved it with his own unique style of "NPC village architecture". He also built PirateCraft's only spleef arena as well a Governor's Mansion, which won him the Build of the Year 2014 award.

Port Royal was the first town to join the British Empire and used to often be the target of pirates who bore a grudge against the British Empire's influence.

View of Port Royal from the live map: 300/1300

New Port Royal 27/11/18[edit | edit source]

By permission of the Governor, CrazyPirate, Port Royal was defunct and a brand new Port Royal was founded.