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Map Layers[edit | edit source]

Hover over the layers icon top left under the zoom controls to toggle showing GriefPrevention Claims, Players, Build of the month winners, Default Markers, Pirates (Donator placed icons) and worldborder.

How do I get a Town Icon?[edit | edit source]

You can apply for a town icon by filling out the following forms on the towns and settlements page.

I’m a donator how do I place a marker?[edit | edit source]

All donators have access to placing markers under the “Pirates” layer by simply planting down a sign. On the first line of the sign put [dynmap] all lines under this will be text displayed on the marker, you can set an icon by putting icon:iconname on one of the lines, you can view all icon’s and names here. The Pirates layer is hidden by default.

List of updated map markers: Map Markers

How do I talk from the map?[edit | edit source]

You can no longer talk from the livemap. It was removed due to abuse.

How can I hide from the map?[edit | edit source]

You are hidden from the map if you have an active invisibility potion, if you are sneaking or you are in a 0 light level area; a cave with no torches for example.