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In-game Skin
Personal Flag
Date Joined: February 2019
Crew: Dealer's Deck
Rank: Gunner, Captain

A builder and explorer who currently resides on the Starlight Boardwalk located off the southern coast of the North Sea. He is never seen without his red felt crown.


After first joining PirateCraft, PanOfSteel quickly took to taking shelter along the southern coast of the North Sea, by building a small cliff side cave where he could construct his first ship: P.A.N Delilah. Along with Delilah, Pan would start work on a small scale pumpkin pie farm. Within weeks, his base was raided by grafando, which would help spark a pilgrimage to move into a then yet realized secure base under the water. After approximately a month of joining Pan constructed the P.A.N Pearl; a cube submarine capable of relocating Pan's primitive base to a new location.

After the trek from Pan's old base to the future location of his new one, the P.A.N Pearl was buried deep in the ground beneath the North Sea and was used to help construct The Pearl; a fortified underwater and underground facility with the primary purposes of being a new headquarter for Pan as well as a larger pumpkin pie farm. The majority of the original P.A.N Pearl is still intact as it was hardly altered to be turned into the command center and storage area for The Pearl.

During Summer of 2019, Pan would construct and pillage several ships. Of these ships, the P.A.N Flying Narwhal would be noteworthy for being one of only a few flying ships on the server. Although being constructed above land, a flying dock would be constructed directly above The Pearl specifically for the P.A.N Flying Narwhal. Later that summer, the base of the Starlight Boardwalk would be built as an attachment to the dock in hopes of becoming a hub of airship related traffic.

During the construction the Starlight Boardwalk, the P.A.N Blue Whale would be constructed as a sister ship and touring variant of the P.A.N Flying Narwhal.





PanOfSteel wishes to explore and preserve PirateCraft's history, as well as leave his own mark.