Candy Kingdom

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Candy Kingdom
Alternate names: n/a
Type: Castle and town
Affiliation(s): The Asylum
Founded: August 2017
Status: Active
Mayor(s): Cysteen, Nahadoth
Population: 2
Builder(s): Cysteen, Nahadoth
Industry/Purpose: Defensive, Aesthetic
Size 20,000 blocks
Coordinates: x y z
Candy Kingdom viewed from the live map

A castle and surrounding town, the Candy Kingdom is based off the Adventure Time location of the same name.

It is easily identifiable by its stark use of pink, and candy theme. It is located in the South East of the world, close by the border.


It was built by Cysteen and Nahadoth. Not much else happened there tbh.


Big castle, some smaller huts, walls, and a ship all in a candy theme.


The de-facto headquarters of TAS

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