HMS Hero (Formerly HMS Adventure)

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HMS Adventure
Port of Registry: Port Royal (Reformed)
Owner(s): Peppykiss395, Guineapigplays
Captain(s): Peppykiss395, Guineapigplays, Palmerageddon
Notable Crewmembers: Guineapigplays, Palmerageddon, waitingforstuff, Petalface, Peppykiss395
Passengers: N/A
Fate: N/A
Type: Brig
Weapons: 3 guns
Battles: Ghost ship battle in the Southern Canal
Affiliation: British Empire, British East India Company, PCGS, Parrot Lovers

HMS Adventure is a joint British Empire, British East India Company, Parrot Lovers vessel used for expeditions to undiscovered locations and bringing back rare artifacts. Positions in the crew

Captain: The current Captains are Guineapigplays and Palmerageddon. These are the highest position in the fleet.

1st Admiral: The current 1st Admiral is Peppykiss395. There is one of these positions on the ship.

Lieutenant: The current Lieutenants are ItsCrazyDave and Willzo. There are two of these positions on the ship.

Ghost Ship Attack

While sailing towards Port Alexandria from the Southern Ocean the ship was fired upon by a strange ship termed Ghost ship of the Southern Ocean canal which led the Adventure to flee back to Port Royal (Reformed) for repairs. The ship was renamed to HMS Hero, due to its outstanding survival and somehow not sinking.