Dalkon State

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Dalkon State

Dalkon State was originally a British Territory, split into two sections. The lower half, or the south, was home to build1115 and his port "Port Gletscher" while the upper half, or north, was BGraph's with his port "Vendigroth". Since South Dalkon State has left the British Empire, it goes by the simplified version of Dalkon State.

State Plans

  • Finish path from Port Gletscher to Vendigroth
  • Work on housing
Dalkon State Flag


  • The charter to create the new territory, names Dalkon State, occurred during April of 2016. The request was made by build1115 and was approved by 3 members of the British Empire government.


  • Dalkon State is divided into 2 counties. The North county is Vendigroth county, and consists of the port Vendigroth. It's county leader/representative is BGraph.
  • The Southern, and largest county, is Gletscher county. The counties leader/representative is build1115.

Outdated Information, No longer Relevant

  1. REDIRECT Chittenden State