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Basic Commands

/seen [playername] will show when was seen last and playernames

/warp cove Lets the user warp to The Cove which contains a market and the end portal. /warp list [number] shows list of available warps for player.

/sethome [name] to set a home warp & /home [name] to warp home, /delhome [name] deletes home.

/donate Donation perks in-game menu and /warp donate to warp to the donate room

/msg or /m [playername] can be used to send 'private' messages to other players in-game, quick reply using /r

/mail send [playername] to leave an offline 'private' message to a player.

/spawn will teleport you back to spawn.

/wild For deckhands and cadets, teleports you to the wilderness.

/help List all in-game commands and /helpop requests help from online staff.

/rules View the rules to playing on PirateCraft.

/kit Recive a kit.

/eignore [playername] Mute or unmute another player in-game.

/cannons Help with making cannons.

/balance Shows in-game currency, /pay # pays a player from your balance.

/stats Displays some of your basic recorded in-game statistics.

/lottery buy [number] Buys you a $15 lottery ticket towards a jackpot total, be aware you can only buy up to 3 tickets (which would be in total $45

/tpa [playname] Teleport to a player of choice once you have Sailor Rank or over,

/tpahere to teleport a player of choice to your location once you have Carpenter Rank or over.

/tpaccept to accept teleport request for player to teleport to you or you to them, /tpdeny to deny teleport request, you can also move within allotted 'stand still' time to cancel your teleport.

/crew help # will show all crew commands (eg /crew bb , etc..)

/c [message] Talk in crew chat

/a [message] Talk in ally chat

/auc Open the window for auctioning items.

/auc news Info about the items you are bidding on.

/auc collect to recive your won items if you were offline.

Claim Commands

/claim # will claim the area you're standing on.

/claimslist # will list your claims- including the size, claim blocks used and the coordinates.

/siege is used inside a claimed area to attack a player that’s hiding inside their house, siegeable blocks will be breakable in this attack. To see siegeable blocks, do /info siege or read the wiki page.

/AbandonClaim to delete the claim your are standing in and own. *tip, shrink it down to its minimal size before you do this, this way you will get the most claim blocks back from deleting it.

/Trust or /t is used for simple claim sharing, which gives another player permission to build in your claim.

/UnTrust or /ut to revoke any granted permissions to your claim.

/Untrust All Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.

/AccessTrust or /at grants access to ONLY buttons and switches. /PermissionTrust or /pt Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.

/ContainerTrust or /ct permits a player to access your claim and additionally open your containers (chests, etc) and use your crafting equipment. They can do this anyways, so it’s kinda useless.

/SubdivideClaims or /sc Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.

/BasicClaims or /bc Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.

/TrustList to see who has permission in your claim.

/trapped to escape from a claimed area you are trapped in.

/giveclaim Allows player to give their claims to another player.

/BuyClaimBlocks or /BuyClaim Buy claim blocks using /balance server money.

/SellClaimBlocks or /SellClaim Sell claim blocks for server money.

/DeleteClaim or /DelClaim will delete the claim you are standing in.

/AbandonAllClaims to delete all your claims at once.