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Kits are free items given out to help you on your pirate journey. You can view your current kits with /kits, and you can claim a kit with /kit [name].

Rank Kits

Rank kits can be used infinitely with a 3.5 hour delay. You can use whatever kit corresponds to your rank, as well as previous ranks.

/kit deckhand /kit cadet /kit sailor /kit carpenter /kit gunner /kit boatswain /kit firstmate /kit quartermaster /kit lieutenant /kit commander /kit captain
Wooden sword Sushi (cooked salmon) »Oxblood Hide Tunic (leather chestplate) »Leather Coif (chainmail helmet) »Embroided Kilt (iron leggings »Gills (Aqua Affinity 2, Respiration 1 helmet) »Sprinter’s Water Heels (chainmail boots with depth strider) Written book »Crown of Binding (leather helmet) »Steel Gaze (iron helmet) »Blunderbuss Headguard (enchanted iron helmet)
Wooden pickaxe »Lorekeeper (fishing rod) »Leather Heels (leather boots) »Warbow (unenchanted bow) 2 »Firepot (firework) »Pirate Stew (mushroom stew) Speed II potion »Salty Tunic (enchanted leather chestplate) »Cursed Battleplate (iron chestplate) »Seafarer Breastplate (enchanted iron chestplate)
Wooden shovel »The Last Fourtune (oak boat) »Treasure Map (empty map) 20 »Heartpiercer (arrow) Pumpkin pie Compass »Heirloom Legplates (leather leggings) »Soul-forged Leggings (iron leggings) »Shaded Legguards (enchanted iron leggings)
Wooden axe 25 Gunpowder Lead »Bone Greaves (chainmail boots) »Scaled Warboots (iron boots) »Malevolent Warboots (enchanted iron boots)
2 Ender Pearls »Red North Cuttlass (sharpness I iron sword) »Decapitator (sharpness I iron sword) »Skull Splitter (sharpness and knockback I iron sword)
»Sunken Shark (dark oak boat »The Ram Head (efficiency, fourtune, and unbreaking I iron pick)
»Forest Cutter (iron axe) »Scurvy Slayer (golden apple)
»Rigger Digger (iron shovel)
»Gnarling Pick (efficiency and unbreaking iron pick)

Rankup Rewards

Rankup kits can be used only once, and you get them from ranking up (buying a rank won’t work). They generally contain more items than the standard kits.

/kit cadet_rankup /kit sailor_rankup /kit carpenter_rankup /kit gunner_rankup /kit boatswain_rankup /kit firstmate_rankup /kit quartermaster_rankup
Shears 2 Signs 32 Creeper Eggs 64 Firecharges 2 Diamond Blocks Firstmate Cutlass (Enchanted Diamond Sword) Quatermaster Cutlass (Enchanted Diamond Sword)
Compass 32 Wool 32 Enderpearls 6 Black Wool (2 Carronades) 1 Beacon Block Firstmate Headguard (Enchanted Gold Helmet) Quartermaster Headguard (Enchanted Chainmail Helmet)
Golden Shovel (Claiming Tool) 200 Planks 1 Brewing Stand 2 Torches Firstmate Breastplate (Enchanted Gold Chestplate) Quartermaster Breastplate (Enchanted Chainmail Chestplate)
Golden Hoe (Sailing Tool) Diamond Axe 2 Stone Buttons Firstmate Legguards (Enchanted Gold Leggings) Quartermaster Legguards (Enchanted Chainmail Leggings)
64 Oak Logs 64 Cobblestone Firstmate War Boots (Enchanted Gold Boots) Quartermaster War Boots (Enchanted Chainmail Boots)
64 Spruce Logs 64 Gunpowder Firstmate Treasure Chest (Cyan Shulker Box) 3 Quatermaster Treasure Chest (Red Shulker Box)
64 Birch Logs 64 TNT
64 Jungle Logs Gunner Bow (Unbreaking I, Power II, Flame)
Flint and Steel

Other Kits

/kit bible

  • Gives you a bible with the server rules.

/kit parrot

  • Can be used by cadets and above, gives you a parrot egg. 1 time use.

Special Kits

  • Sometimes kits are added for holidays and other special events, like fireworks for the 4th of July or a Christmas advent calendar. Make sure to check /kits to see if there are any active special kits!