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About _Augustus_Caesar: _Augustus_Caesar, formerly Buckmaster1993 is an American player that first joined PMC on 01-01-2015. He is 6ft tall and 27 years old. <<< people keep asking

Crew info: He is the founder and Leader of SPQR as well as a former member of BE,TNRR and EE.

Server Donations: Starting in September of 2015 _Augustus_Caesar (at the time Buckmaster1993) started donating for Captain rank. and has done so ever since.

He has also donated for claimblocks 8 times in total each time for 10k claimblocks. Current all time total donations to server $920.00.

Staff: _Augustus_Caesar was made a Helper in March 2019, and has served in this role ever since.

Major Projects: After removing his desart city with the help of admins. Caesar began the building of a 1/2 scale model of Ancient Rome which is his current project.