The Great Wall of Colrainism

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Bowrilla building the wall.

The Great Wall of Colrainism is a massive wall built by the Colrainist Revolutionary State. Construction was started on October 29th 2018. Loyal Colrainist workers helped build the wall out of many types of stone (and peppy with a Shockerboy686 face), and construction was planned to be finished by November 12th 2018. However, the project was abandoned when the CRS moved bases to a safer area.

Purpose of the Wall[edit | edit source]

The Colrainist wall was necessary to stop the constant attacks from Colrainist persecuters, such as...

  • DriftingSixGuns (attacked when Bowrilla was going through his chests, built a cannon and killed him)
  • JUSAShrek1 (attacked the Colrainists when Bowrilla was giving a tour of the Castle)
  • Pheonixan (attacked when the Colrainists helped her in escape from a glitched that happened when she attempt to assassinate Bowrilla and Ultracreeper)

and others.