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Decsain is a player in the crew The Asylum, who has been under other names such as Erroe798 and Pheonixan.

She's disliked by a portion of the community due to her actions whilst being in the crew Forsaken and seemingly ran to the crew Law Pirates to avoid being persecuted. They have a rich history all copied down on the wall of signs in her base.

She is now in TAS.

Decsain's History[edit | edit source]

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

Decsain was originally in FOX, a crew led by Nadrodo. That ended when Stronzoo and ERROE798 revolted and created the Forsaken Knights. ERROE798 became Decsain, and they built a mayan temple at sailor.

Forsaken Era[edit | edit source]

JUSA and anandak would attack Decsain often, but JUSA would eventually recruit Decsain into FSKN. There Decsain became known for raiding weaker players. JUSA then became inactive for a while, anandak and Decsain led the crew in his absence.

Decsain abandoned their North base and found a crater of what used to be a TMPLR base and rebuilt it from scratch.

JUSA then came back and kicked Decsain out of Forsaken after Asterity told JUSA she was wanting to join TAS. In response to being kicked, Decsain blew up FSKN's crew base.

Era of Redemption[edit | edit source]

Decsain was also involved in the squabble between TNRR and TRT, first taking the side of TNRR. Decsain then took in a deckie named OmegaVenom1 who later went on to join TAS and later SHREK.

Decsain insulted DriftingSixGuns and he ended up sieging her for 4 hours. In the end Decsain waited him out and won. GingfulGlider began to hate Decsain because of DriftingSixGuns.

Decsain later then went to join Law, and involved in a conflict between ROME and TRT. Decsain and later forced CookieSoul to marry ProWill with the help of Peppykiss395. Decsain met Savagewolf, and befriended him as well as daggersh.

  • Squid Fact: 4/5 squids would recommend Colgate.

Era of Conflicts[edit | edit source]

Decsain blew up Emilioscario's lawn with 2 stacks of TNT, and later raided Bowrilla for his bounty with Kauh, Elo106, and Ortin77live. However, when the raid timer was up, Decsain who had logged off, back inside, said "hey boys, you miss me?" and let them back in to finish looting.

Decsain became an enemy of the Colrainists, and made a vow to kill them all.

Decsain with DriftingSixGuns, JUSA, and Cosmickingjoel won a ship battle against RoMich02, SirSharky and 4orange with the Shrek's Hand.

Decsain was kicked from Law by Lawzoneon for yelling at him about how unfair it was that he took away her inappropriately named sword. She later was re-invited.

She is now in TAS.